Call me "Oky" (allgames_shket) wrote,
Call me "Oky"

Бывает и такое

Rather an interesting fact about the Sweden's number one DJ and producer. Few people know that Mr Prydz is not very keen of flying (airplanes that is). More specifically, it completely scares the shit out of him.

This Saturday Eric was supposed to play in Malta for the first time ever. At a massive 4000+ event at Gianpula, one of the island's most hi-tech clubs. The plan was to load Eric and the crew on the train and get him all the way to Milan to minimize his airtime.

To the huge disappointment of the 4000 Maltisians (how do you spell that?), who payed 20-55 EUR for their tickets, Prydz did not show up. According to the official organizers of the event, Eric experienced a heavy panic attack before stepping on the plane in Milan. The medications did not do it this time. According to our contacts, the party was still a blast. But except for being hangover, the whole Malta was also very pissed off the whole Sunday. Some people still are.
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